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PLACES to see

Kopalnia Guido - Zabrze

The number one is the Guido Coal Mine in Zabrze, where you can take a special miners lift to come to the level 320 meters under the ground, which makes this place the deepest touristic route in the whole Europe in hard coal mines! After 2,5-3 hours of visiting at the end you can relax in an underground bar drinking local beer! Highly recommended!

Sztolnia Królowa Luiza – Zabrze

Something more to visit in Zabrze? YES! It is the Queen Louise Adit, where since september 2018 is a new touristic route open – this is a waterway! During this tour you learn about 19th century mining and walk inside huge hard coal seam. But later is the best – you get on the boat and go to the city center of Zabrze! It is 1130 meters long what makes this tour the longest underground waterway for tourists!


Do you want to visit our capital? Katowice are awesome! This city is based on mining, so obligatory you have to visit Nikiszowiec district. During a walking tour there, you will get to know how miners where living like. We will tell you a lot about miners‘ traditions and habits. We recommend you also to do a walking tour in the city center of Katowice. We call this part of city –the Culture Zone, because there are located buildings like Spodek (the sport hall), International Congress Centere, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra or the Silesian Museum. A lot of places to visit!

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